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Property prices have become quite unrealistic in the western world, which is more reason to invest your hard earned cash in the Thailand Real Estate market. Please absorb why you should be investing your money by purchasing a Thailand Villa or apartment.

  • Thailand is an established destination for holidaymakers across the world.
  • You can get rental returns on your investment as the Thailand villa rentals market has rapidly grown.
  • Vast diversity of locations from cities such as Bangkok and Pattaya to tropical island paradises such as Koh Samui and Phuket.
  • Great infrastructure with international schools, hospitals, telecommunications, roads etc…
  • Choice country for many foreign buyers and investors.
  • Great environment for holidaymakers or retirees.
  • Amazingly affordable house prices, especially when compared with the western world.   
Why invest in Thailand
  1. New projects are available to clients off plan at an average of 25% below current market value.
  2. Rental yields are expected to be in the region of 10%-12%.
  3. 13.4 million International arrivals were recorded in 2009, with expected growth to be 7% for 2010 reaching a total of 14.8 million tourists, which actually ended with over 16 million tourists, calculating to Baht 597 billion.
  4. Pattaya projects are located just over an hour away from the New Suvarnabhumi International Airport, now the largest airport in South East Asia, and capable of handing 45 million passengers per year.
  5. Pattaya was the number one holiday destination in Thailand in 2009 and 2010, receiving more than 6 million visitors.
  6. Pattaya has a year round holiday season, being a key retreat during the south-westerly monsoon, between May and October.
  7. 40% of potential buyers for Pattaya already resident within Thailand.
  8. Inherent attractiveness for the resale and rental market, due to the inspirational design of new projects.
  9. Many Condominiums are located within 5 minutes to beautiful beaches, restaurants, shopping and night life

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